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Agility training and trials are also conducted by many of the Canine Association of WA affiliated clubs. Agility is a sport which challenges the dog and handler to manoeuvre about an obstacle course with both speed and accuracy. Agility is an exciting spectator sport which always draws large crowds wherever it is conducted with agility demonstrations held at many fetes, fairs and agricultural shows.



Tracking is an organised sport where it is vitally important that the dog and handler work as a team. The handler must be able to 'read' his dog's body language to know whether the dog is on the right track. It is a sport which involves a lot of time in setting up and laying the track before the trial. The dog is required to locate the Tracklayer at the end of a track up to 1.2 kilometre in length and after a time of up to 3 hours.



Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for you dog. The great personal satisfaction one achieves from turning an uncontrollable animal into a well mannered member of you family is tremendous. Just imagine walking down the street with your dog walking besides you instead of pulling your arm from its socket or you dog obeying your call to come when in the park. Thousands of people attend obedience classes every week.


Obedience classes are open to all dogs regardless of pedigree, breed, size and parentage with handlers coming from all walks of life.


After a few weeks, the dog and handler may be promoted to a higher class. A few months pass and the owner and family have a happy, well trained canine friend. Most owners are content to use these training sessions to achieve a well socialised and obedient family member. Some owners enjoy their training so much that they go on to enter competitions and gain obedience titles with their dog.




One of the very interesting features of the activities sponsored by the Association is showing. The many breeds of dogs, some quite rare, are a constant source of surprise to those who are not familiar with this quite fascinating recreation. There are well over a hundred Shows each year at which there may be either many breeds represented, a group of breeds or a single breed, depending on the type of event.

Most visitors to Shows are immediately impressed with the beautiful condition of the dogs being shown. An excellent hobby, pastime and or sport for you and your pedigree dogs.

Shows give prospective puppy owners an excellent opportunity to view the many breeds available to them, and the chance to talk to breeders. This can help them to make a better informed decision when purchasing their next best friend.



Retrieving trials are conducted over a short season, late March to September each year. All gundog breeds are eligible to enter the Trials, which try to simulate actual shooting conditions for duck shooting on swamps or rivers, and other game on land. No live game is used, and only blank cartridges are used in shotguns to fire at the objects catapulted into the air. Retrieving trials test the handlers and their dogs, and are an opportunity to see Gundogs doing the very work for which they were bred. The dogs love to do it, the handlers enjoy the social aspects of being with other people and their dogs, and all enjoy the competitive nature of this outdoor sport. Points are awarded for the dog's steadiness to shot, obedience, style and eagerness. They are also awarded for the dog's ability to work in the field to find the game and then deliver it promptly and tenderly to his handler.

The Retrieving CLub of WA inc hold beginner classes for people wishing to be involved in Retrieving.

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Field Trials

Field Trials are for Gundogs, and are based upon the idea of a pair of friends going out for a day's shooting. The dogs work in braces (Pairs) and must point the game, (with the second dog honouring, or backing up the first dog), flush the game, and then retrieve the shot game. In WA as there is no shooting season, it is only possible to have Members' Competitions. In other States with shooting seasons, various types of Trials are held, depending upon the breeds of Gundogs, and the work for which they were bred.



Endurance testing of dogs is held several times a year to test the ability of the dog to work after a 20 kilometre run has been completed. The endurance Test is supervised by a veterinarian, with rest breaks and checks being done on the animals at regular intervals. Dogs cannot compete without undergoing a preliminary fitness check.


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